The Tomten Poster
Our Family Tradition - Now It Can Be Yours, Too!

My tomten poster, a great Swedish / Scandinavian
              Christmas decoration

I would love for you and your family to be able to enjoy this poster
as my family has for many years.  Please see below for details on how to get yours.

When my grandfather immigrated to America around 1920, among the things he brought with him was a poster,
a bit of art that reminded him of home.  The poster, a Swedish Christmas decoration, was a gift from our Swedish relatives.  My father, who was born in 1928, tells me this poster decorated the walls of his home every year at
Christmas for as long as he can remember. 

Though it was carefully stored each year, over time the poster began to show its age: creased, torn, taped and re-taped, holes poked through in the corners from pushpins.  I decided that this piece of my family's history should not (literally) fade away, but instead be thoughtfully restored.  A few years ago, I spent many hours (I would rather not say how many) in front of my computer restoring the poster, digitally undoing the creases, tears and pinholes. 

At first, my intention was to create prints for myself and my siblings, who like our father, grew up enjoying this picture every Christmas.  I have decided to make our family tradition available to everyone.  The print is large at about 3 feet wide, and will make a terrific addition to your decorations at Christmas (or anytime!)   It will fit in a standard 11.75” x 36” poster frame, which can be found most everywhere.

Steven Michelsen
A detail from my tomten poster, a great example of a
              Swedish / Scandinavian Christmas decoration
(Tomten poster detail)

a detail of my tomten
              poster, a great example of a Swedish / Scandinavian
              Christmas decoration
(Tomten poster detail)
For the USA and Canada, use the buttons below to order.

For Sweden and elsewhere in the world, please
write me and I will write back with the shipping cost.  If the cost is acceptable to you, I will send you a link for payment.  Typically, the cost to ship a poster in a tube to Europe is $12 USD for the 1st poster, and $2.50 for each additional poster.

One Tomten poster, shipped in a sturdy tube, is only $14.95.

Buy a few for the holidays!  They make great stocking stuffers (yes they will fit nicely in a stocking) - your family and friends will love them!  Priority Mail shipping is a flat $5, no matter how many you buy!

(when you order more than one, each poster will be packed in it's own unlabelled white tube - ready for gift giving.  All the tubes will be shipped together in one larger package.)

One Tomten poster, in a nice poster frame, is only $32.95.
Shipping is a flat $10 via Priority Mail,
regardless of the number of framed posters ordered.

Questions? Click here to send me an email.

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Please note that athough all that fun stuff is on my page on, the only place you can find my poster
is right here!

More about the Tomten:

For your enjoyment, here is the famous poem by Viktor Rydberg that inspired this painting
, in both Swedish and English.

Here is a short film from Sweden featuring Rydberg's poem.  Generations of kids in Sweden have grown up on this...

The tomte in my poster made it onto the front page of a magazine!  Take a look.